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Abstract: westinghouse b-200 N275CH06 T818A
Text: WESTCODE SEMICONDUCTORS 1=)E D «I T?DT=15S GQOnHl T ■f-Z^'ll WESTCODE SEMICONDUCTORS Converter Grade Capsule Thyristor Type N275C ¡J 490 amperes average: up to 800 volts VRRM Ratings (Maximum values at 125°C Tj unless stated otherwise) Technical Publication TN275C Issue 1 May 1985 éf 7A. RATING CONDITIONS SYMBOL ( 55°C heatsink temperature 490 A Average on-state current Half sine wave , semiconductors TN275C 20 1 8 I 2 « CD 0 0.1 3 5 1 3 S 10 gat« current, Iq, amperes Figure 7 Gate

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PDF N275C TN275C -200AB SN151JL 2M48S G8TE westinghouse b-200 N275CH06 T818A
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