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Abstract: ssc620 TLOU1008T04 TLYU1008 TLSU1008 TLPGU1008 TLOU1008 TLGU1008 TLAU1008 mp 1008
Text: +441276694800 TOSHI BP ELECTRONICS 460 P05/20 25.05.00 32 kr^lb TOSHIBA TL(SUyOUiAUfYU/GU#PGU)1008(TQ4) TOSHIBA LED LAMP TLSU1008 (T04), TLOU1008(T04)f TLAU1008 (T04) TLYU1008 (T04)f TLGU10Q8 (T04), TLPGU1008(T04) = A\!cL CIRCUIT INDICATOR 16:40 Surface Mount Device TLOUIOOS (T04) Series ^ 1.6 (L) X 0.8 (W) X 0,6 (H) mm She Small Package : High Density Mounting is Available • InGaAfl» LED o It can be manufactured high-luminosity of equipment or reduce cf electric power consumption by

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PDF P05/20 TLSU1008 TLOU1008 TLAU1008 TLYU1008 TLGU10Q8 TLPGU1008 03H1BA_ MP 1008 es ssc620 TLOU1008T04 TLYU1008 TLSU1008 TLGU1008 TLAU1008 mp 1008
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