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Abstract: TK14521V CFWM455E 14521V max 14521 TK 14521 M TSSOP-20
Text:  TK1452IV SPECIFICATION / TABLE OF CONTENTS ! 1.Purpose \ 2.TOKO Part Number 3.Function 4.Applications 5.Structure 6.Package Outline 7.Absolute Maximum Ratings 8.Electrical Characteristics 9.Test Circuit 10.Pin Assignment Block Diagram 11.Package Outline Dimensions/Marking 12.Cautions 13.Others SIGNATURE DATE drawn by TM&cJfft checked by approved by /Tri, /WA -tfiifc*tffl qc , Voltage to Pin #16 TOKO Inc. Drawing No. DB3-I149 REV A /7 TK1452IV 9. Test Circuit

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PDF TK1452IV DB3-I149 K14521V TK14521V TK14521V TK1452* QH7-B012. DP3-I008. TK14521 CFWM455E 14521V max 14521 TK 14521 M TSSOP-20
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