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Abstract: tda2054 2054M
Text: PR EA M PLIFIER WITH ALC FOR Cr0 2 TDA2054M CASSETTE RECORDERS · E X C E L L E N T V E R S A , S G S - T H O M S O N 07E D I 7 ^ 2 3 7 0 0 1 5 7 1 2 3 | _ T-74-05-01 A TDA2054M TEST , -74-05-01 s G S - T H O M S O N 07 E D I 7 . ` î2` î237 0 0 1 2 7 1 3 S | TDA2054M 1 Fig. 1 - , T-74-05-01 ^ TDA2054M ! TYPIC AL PERFORM ANCE OF CIRCUIT IN FIG, 9 Parameter {T amb= 2 5 °C , u y w I U l\ v # u K T :_ ^ - TDA2054M Fig. 11 - Frequency response for the

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PDF T-74-05-01 TDA2054M 2054M 16-lead 13-Frequency tda2054m tda2054
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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: TDA2054M Linear ICs Dual-Channel Audio Preamp/Input Amplifier status Outp Pwr Min. @R(load) (Ohms) Upper 3dB Frequency (Hz)20k AV (dB) Min.60 Input Resistance Min. (Ohms)10k THD Max. (%)0.2 Quies. Pwr (W)500m Nom. Supp (V)20 Minimum Operating Temp (øC)-40 Maximum Operating Temp (øC)155 Package StyleDIP Mounting StyleT Pinout Equivalence Code16-423 # Pins16 Ckt. (Pinout) NumberLN01600423 American Microsemiconductor

PDF TDA2054M Code16-423 Pins16 NumberLN01600423
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