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T491D477M004ZT T491D477M004ZT ECAD Model KEMET Solid Tantalum Chip Capacitors / T491 Series - Precision Molded Chip; Capacitance [nom]: 470uF; Working Voltage (Vdc)[max]: 4V; Capacitance Tolerance: +/-20%; Dielectric: Tantalum, Solid; Lead Style: Surface-Mount Chip; Lead Dimensions: 7343-31; Termination: 100% Tin (Sn); Body Dimensions: 7.3mm x 4.3mm x 2.8mm; Temperature Range: -55C to +125C; Container: Tape & Reel; Qty per Container: 500 Original PDF
T491D477M004ZT7280 T491D477M004ZT7280 ECAD Model KEMET Capacitors - Tantalum Capacitors - CAP TANT 470.UF 4.0V Original PDF

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2006 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: B45196H0477M406 aka T491D477M004ZT7280 Capacitor, tantalum, 470 uF, 7343, +/-20% Tol, 4V@85C TantChipMolded2Mil Cathode End View Side View B + B K H X W A L S T G F + P S Bottom View Anode End View Cutout E R Cutout at KEMET's option (either end); see note about P and R dimensions and cutout. Dimensions (mm) ID L W H K F S B X P R T A G E Specifications Tolerance +/-0.3 +/-0.3 +/-0.3 +/-0.2 +/-0.1 +/-0.3 +/-0.15 ref ref ref ref ref ref ref Manufacturer: Capacitance: Voltage

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