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T491D107M006ZT7280 T491D107M006ZT7280 ECAD Model KEMET Capacitors - Tantalum Capacitors - CAP TANT 100.UF 6.0V Original PDF

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2006 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: KEMET Part Number: T491D107M006ZT7280 (B45196H1107M406) Capacitor, tantalum, 100 uF, 7343, +/-20% Tol, 6.3V@85C Top View Pola rity + Bottom View General Information Manufacturer: KEMET Ind ic a tor Kem et m a y c onstruc t a term ina l slot on the p ositive sid e a t Kem ets Op tion F L Electrical Specifications H Capacitance: Voltage DC @ 85C: S 100 uF 6.3V 5.2V 4V +/-20% General Purpose -55/+125C Molded Chip Std Chip-MnO2 7343 Tin 6.3 uA 8% 800 mOhm K W End View

PDF T491D107M006ZT7280 B45196H1107M406) 942bee51-d77c-4814-a1d6-556cc3329446
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