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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: 61535A.61574A.61575,6158A PCM-30,75D T-10220 T-10215 T-10159 CRYSTAL 61535A.61574A.61575,6158A PCM-30,120ft T-10220 T-10215 T-10159 CRYSTAL 6152,6154 DALLAS EXAR , PCM-30,75ft T-10226 T-10220 T-10215 T-10215 T-10158 T-10159 LEVEL ONE 304A,305A PCM-30,120ft T-10220 T-10215 T-10159 LEVEL ONE 310,311 T-10215 T-10205 LEVEL ONE 318,319 T-10220 T-10215 T-10159 PMC-SIERRA PM4341 T-10213 T-10215 T

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PDF T7288 T-10224 T-10210 T-10149 T7289 T-10218 T-10215 T-10158 T-10215
R X24 50W

Abstract: RJ103
Text: 8 PRODUCT NO SEE TABLE REVISIONS REV DESCRIPTION BY BATE REDRAWN* RELEASED PER ECR T10159 EC 30478 DRS 10/ 3/91 BMM 6/ 30/93 .0490 1 .245 SECTION FLAME RETARTANT PER UL 94 V-O, COLOR: BLUE X -X .050±.002, i.27±.05 (JOL. NON-ACCUM.) TYP 3 SPACES 9 .i00±.002 2.54 ±.05 (TOL. NON-ACCUM.) .050 TYP " 1 .27 REF .-A A [W iftftfl MATERIAL: PHOSPHORUS BRONZE. FULL HARD. SEE TABLE AND NOTES FOR PLATING. i 1.98 REF .018±.002 0.46±.05 ' .015 STAND-OFFS 0.38 REF 7.87 MIN

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PDF T10159 0000t R X24 50W RJ103

Abstract: T13003 pt21415 PT21302 PE-64100
Text: -65566 T-10159 PE 8302 T-50502 PT21413 T-10907 SEP-4 T-13703 PE-65579 T-13209 PE

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PDF 0553-0013-1J T-10148 T-11200 CT1201 T-50103 LAX-ET305 T-10906 0553-0013-2J T-10149 42Z4031 tt1501 T13003 pt21415 PT21302 PE-64100

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: PREVIEW 54ACT11161, 74ACT11161 SYNCHRONOUS 4-BIT BINARY COUNTERS D3452, MARCH 1990- T10159 output

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PDF 54ACT11161, 74ACT11161 TI0159-- 500-mA T11161 T11161
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