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Si9168DB-K1 Si9168DB-K1 ECAD Model Vishay Telefunken Demonstration Board, Si9168 Demonstration Board Original PDF

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Abstract: CRCW08052000FRT1 GRM42-2X5R106K010 Si6803DQ Si9167 Si9168 Si9168DB Si9168DB-K1 Si9168DB-K2 Si9168DB-S1
Text: -Lead TSSOP Package 2-Cell Li+ or 6-Cell NiCd / NiMH Operation SPECIFICATIONS: Si9168DB-K1-VIN = 5 to , Number: 71159 16-Feb-00 Si9168DB-K1-IOUT 1.5 A ­ Buck Si9168DB-K2-IOUT 2.5 A ­ Buck , 5-10 V JP1: PWM/­PSM to VIN for PWM mode; PWM/­PSM to PGND for PSM mode. Si9168DB-K1 , 3.6 , . FIGURE 3. FIGURE 4. Document Number: 71159 16-Feb-00 Si9168DB-K1 , Silk Screen Si9168DB-K1 , Top Layer Si9168DB-K1 , Bottom Layer S FaxBack 408-970-5600 3 Si9168DB

PDF Si9168DB Si9168 350-mA 16-Lead Si9168DB-K1--VIN VJ0805Y562KXAAT VJ0805Y221KXAAT B130LB IHLP2525 SI9801DY CRCW08052000FRT1 GRM42-2X5R106K010 Si6803DQ Si9167 Si9168DB-K1 Si9168DB-K2 Si9168DB-S1
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