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Maxim Integrated Products
SI7661DY Charge Pump Inverting -4.5V to -20V 14-Pin SOIC - Bulk (Alt: SI7661DY)
SI7661DY ECAD Model
Distributors Part Package Stock Lead Time Min Order Qty 1 10 100 1,000 10,000 Buy
Avnet Americas SI7661DY 0 4 Weeks 312 - - - - - Get Quote
Rochester Electronics SI7661DY 353 $1.0815 $1.0815 $1.0382 $0.995 $0.995 Buy Now

Si7661DY datasheet (3)

Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Type PDF
Si7661DY Si7661DY ECAD Model Maxim Integrated Products CMOS voltage converter Scan PDF
Si7661DY Si7661DY ECAD Model Maxim Integrated Products CMOS Voltage Converter Scan PDF
SI7661DY-T SI7661DY-T ECAD Model Maxim Integrated Products CMOS, Voltage Converters Scan PDF

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Abstract: SI7661DY
Text: C/D SÌ7661DJ 7661DY 7661ESA7661AA-47661AK TEMP. RANGE 0°C to +70°C 0°C to +70°C 0°C to

OCR Scan
PDF ICL7662/Si7661 swit457 ICL7662CBA T SI7661DY

Abstract: AN 17820 IC si7661cj
Text: lie r and Negative Converter SÌ7661CY7661CSA7661C/D7661DJ 7661DY 7661ESA7661AA

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PDF ICL7662/Si7661 1CL7662 AN 17820 IC si7661cj

Abstract: SI7661BK L-7662 Si766l CDI4
Text: Converter SÌ7661BA-47661BK7661DJ 7661DY 7661ESA7661DA-47661DK7661AA-47661AK TEMP

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PDF ICL7660 ICL7662/Si7661 L7662/S i766l I04S7 540-O L7662 SI7661BK L-7662 Si766l CDI4
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