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DK101 C-Ton Industries LCD DPM +9V 200MV 3.5 DIGIT
DK174 C-Ton Industries DPM LCD 9V PWR 200MV FLAT PACK
DK194 C-Ton Industries DPM LCD LOOP 3.5 DIGIT NEG RED
DK302 C-Ton Industries LCD DPM +5V 2V 3.5 DIGIT
DK505 C-Ton Industries LCD DPM 9V PWR 20V 3.5 DIGIT
DK572 C-Ton Industries LCD DPM +5V 2V 3.5 DIGIT -RED

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2013 - Si32171

Abstract: SI32176 Si32176-C-FM1 Si32172-C-FM1 Si32170-C-FM1 Si3217x-C si3217 Si32171-C-FM1 ProSLIC SI32171-C-GM
Text: Si3217x-C ProSLIC® Single-Chip FXS Solutions Description The Si3217x devices are pin-compatible single-channel ProSLIC products that implement a complete foreign exchange station (FXS) telephony interface solution in accordance with all relevant LSSGR, ITU, and ETSI specifications. The Si3217x ProSLIC ICs are available in a 5x7 mm 42-pin QFN package and operate from a 3.3 V supply and support 3.3 V and 1.8 V I/O , © 2013 by Silicon Laboratories 5.10.2013 Si3217x-C ProSLIC® Single-Chip FXS Solutions Selected

PDF Si3217x-C Si3217x 42-pin Si32170/1/6/7 Si32172/3/5 Si32171 SI32176 Si32176-C-FM1 Si32172-C-FM1 Si32170-C-FM1 si3217 Si32171-C-FM1 ProSLIC SI32171-C-GM
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