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Abstract: S127 30s127 STE2010 controller
Text: .VLCD = 9.45±5% 3.IDD = 1.5 mA (typ) 4.DUTY CYCLE = 1/81 5.BIAS = 1/10 6.CONTROLLER = 2 x STE2010 7

PDF G81192X01 STE2010 S127 30s127 STE2010 controller

Abstract: Epson S1D15719 ILI9325 NT7506 ILItek D54E4PA7551 NT39122 S1D15719 UC1617 LCD Controller, Novatek
Text: C/ GUI C/GUITM Embedded Graphical User InterfaceTM TM Embedded Graphical User Interface Micrium provides drivers for the most popular display controllers. Additional drivers can be developed without NREs when C/GUI is licensed Driver GUIDRV_07X1 LCD Controller Solomon SSD1854 Novatek NT7506 STMicroelectronics STE2010 Samsung KS0711, Samsung S6B0711 Samsung KS0741, Samsung S6B0741 Sitronix ST7541, ST7571 Tomato TL0350A Epson S1D15E05, S1D15E06 Epson S1D15719 UltraChip UC1611 UltraChip UC1610 Samsung S6B33B0X

PDF SSD1854 NT7506 STE2010 KS0711, S6B0711 KS0741, S6B0741 ST7541, ST7571 TL0350A SPFD5408 Epson S1D15719 ILI9325 ILItek D54E4PA7551 NT39122 S1D15719 UC1617 LCD Controller, Novatek
2002 - 3g Booster

Abstract: STE2010 8080 Parallel STE2002 STE20XX STE2001 STE2004
Text: STE2010 81 x 128 STE2012 Up to 7x 129 x 128 x 2 129 x 128 Super Booster* (33Kbits) One Ext

PDF STE20XX STE2001, FLDRIVERLCD/0302 3g Booster STE2010 8080 Parallel STE2002 STE2001 STE2004
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