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Text: ­ grated dosage of 15 Watt-seconds /cm2 is required to erase the ST81E08. This device will be erased in , PART NUMBER PACKAGE TEMPERATURE ST81E08-F1 CERAMIC DIL 40 W IND O W 0 'C /70 'C ST81P08-F1 CERAMIC DIL 40 OTP 0 ’C /70’C ST81E08-L1 CERAM IC J. LEAD 44 W IND O W 0 ’C , H* ^ 7 S G S -T H O M S O N M ST81E08 8K ROM HCMOS MICROCONTROLLER A D VA N C ED DATA , feature. This feature of the ST81E08 enables the user to emulate the ST8108, ROM version. The entire

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