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2007 - ST30F774

Abstract: ST30F774-SuperArgus ST30F7xx st30f ST30F77 ST30F77xi ST30F772i AN2246 SuperArgus ST30F772
Text: RC oscillator running at 32 kHz 2. PORT4[3:0]: Input only in ST30F774-SuperArgus and input/output , AN2246 Application note Porting from ST30F774 to ST30F77xi Introduction The ST30F77xi devices , . This application note lists the differences between the ST30F774 and ST30F77xi devices and is intended for hardware or software designers who are adapting an existing application based on the ST30F774 to , . . . . . . . . . 5 1.2 Pin configuration comparison between ST30F774 and ST30F772i . . . . .

PDF AN2246 ST30F774 ST30F77xi ST30F77xi 32-bit ST30F77xi. ST30F774-SuperArgus ST30F7xx st30f ST30F77 ST30F772i AN2246 SuperArgus ST30F772
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