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2013 - SPF5014

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: Automotive Surface Mount Type Switching Regulator SPF8033J ■Features ■Package ●Output voltage: 3.3V±2% 12.2±0.2 +0.1 1 -0.05 (ゲート残り寸法を含まず) (フィン厚) (Gate burr not included) (Fin thickness) (VIN=14V,Io=0.5A,Tj=25℃) 10.5±0.2 16 with compact HSOP16 package SPF5014 a b 2 ±0.2 ●High efficiency 82% (Vin=14V, Io=0.5A) ●External components: 4 parts 10.5±0.3 9 7.5±0.2 ●Possible to apply output current 1.5A (Ta

PDF SPF8033J HSOP16 SPF5014 125kHz) 11PIN 13PIN 470uF SPF5014
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