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2005 - Not Available

Text: enable 4.1. Ordering Information Product Number Package Type SPF16512A-NnnV-C Chip form l , SPF16512A 16-channel MIDI Synthesizer with 1024K-byte ROM Preliminary SEP. 03, 2003 Version , the express written approval of Sunplus. Preliminary SPF16512A Table of Contents PAGE 1 , Preliminary Version: 0.1 Preliminary SPF16512A 16-CHANNEL MIDI SYNTHESIZER WITH 1024K-BYTE ROM 1. GENERAL DESCRIPTION 3. FEATURES SPF16512A , a single-chip integrating multi-processors, equips ï

PDF SPF16512A 16-channel 1024K-byte

Text: SPF16512A GPF16512A DVDD3 10F XVCM AVDD2 0.1F 0.1F DVSS3 AVDD3 DVSS4 XVRT , version of SPF16512A data sheet v0.1. © Generalplus Technology Inc. Proprietary & Confidential 15

PDF GPF16512A 16-Channel GPF16512A SPF16512A 07FFFF real-time decoding
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