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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: ROM SMLS113-DECEMBER1992 TMS27LV010A OTP PROM DD PACKAGEt (TOP VIEW) A11 C A9 C A 13 C A14 C NC , TMS27LV010A1 048 576-BIT LOW VOLTAGE ONE-TIME PROGRAMMABLE ROM SMLS113-DECEMBER1992 operation The seven , PROGRAMMABLE ROM SMLS113-DECEMBER1992 _ ADVANCE INFORMATION Figure 1. Low Voltage SNAPI Pulse , ROM SMLS113-DECEMBER1992 absolute maximum ratings over operating free-alr temperature range , VOLTAGE ONE-TIME PROGRAMMABLE ROM SMLS113-DECEMBER1992 switching characteristics for programming: Vcc

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PDF TMS27LV010A1 576-BIT SMLS113-DECEMBER 32-Pin 32-Lead 27LV010A-20 27LV010A-25 27LV010A
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