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SMA0207FTEU2703 (1879283-6) TE Connectivity (1879283-6) MELF SMA 270K 1% 100PPM 0207
SMA0207FTEU4703 (1879283-7) TE Connectivity (1879283-7) MELF SMA 470K 1% 100PPM 0207
SMA0207JTEU8202 (1879283-4) TE Connectivity (1879283-4) MELF SMA 82K 5% 0207
SMA0207FTEU2203 (1879283-5) TE Connectivity (1879283-5) MELF SMA 220K 1% 100PPM 0207
2037763-1 TE Connectivity (2037763-1) P2X95 MK2
2037763-2 TE Connectivity (2037763-2) P2X95U MK2

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SMA0207/MK2 Chip One Exchange - -
SMA0207/MK2 Vishay Intertechnologies Chip One Exchange - -

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PDF 10-1M D10/CRCW0402 1-10M D11/CRCW0603 7K-10G 300-50G 500-200G SMA0207-MK2 NKS3 resistors CHP0603 RS58Y RS68Y RN6015 SFR25H RC31U RC41U 39 RNP50S
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