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Abstract: SL2411D SL2411N resistor 6.8k
Text: SL2411 Tone Ringer The SL2411 is a bipolar integrated circuit designed for telephone bell replacement. · Designed for Telephone Bell Replacement · Low Curent Drain · Adjustable 2-frequency Tone · Adjustable Warbling Rate · Extension Tone Ringer Modules · Alarms or Other Alerting Devices · Adjustable for Reduced Supply Initiation Current. · Built-in hysteresis prevents false triggering and rotary dial `Chirps' ORDERING INFORMATION SL2411N Plastic SL2411D SOIC TA = -45° to 65° C for package

PDF SL2411 SL2411 SL2411N SL2411D resistor 6.8k
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