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e2 sot23-5

Text: -4 - 40°C to +125°C 812T Tape and Reel, 3000 SGM812-SX KA4 2.93 SOT143-4 - 40°C to

PDF SGM811 SGM812 SGM811/SGM812 MAX811/MAX812 ADM811/ADM812 SGM811) SGM812) 950TYP 700REF e2 sot23-5 SGM812-ZXN5 SGM811T sot23-5 marking E2 sgm811-zxka4 811Z 811S sgm811-s 811L 811j
2009 - 811s

Text: 3.08 SOT23-5 -40°C to +125°C 812T Tape and Reel, 3000 SGM812-SXN5 /TR 2.93 SOT23 , 3.08 SOT143-4 -40°C to +125°C 812T Tape and Reel, 3000 SGM812-SXKA4 /TR 2.93

PDF SGM811/SGM812 SGM811/SGM812 MAX811/MAX812 ADM811/ADM812 160ms SGM811/812 811s
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