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Text: SDGPCL18 Diodes Varactor Diode Military/High-RelN Ct{Cj} Nom. (F) Junction Cap.600f C1/C2 Min. Capacitance Ratio V(RRM)(V) Rep.Pk.Rev. Voltage18 Q Factor Min. f(co) Min. (Hz) Cut-off freq. P(D) Max. (W) Semiconductor MaterialSilicon Package StyleDO-7 Mounting StyleT American Microsemiconductor

PDF SDGPCL18 Voltage18
20680 JRC

Abstract: Germanium Diode aa116 110B6 Germanium itt Elmwood Sensors 2450 Thermal Switch 189-17-F170 1N4465 BA100 diode 1N21 MD1010 Marconi 2026 service manual
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