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OHS3131U TT Electronics OPTEK Technology Hall Effect Sensor, -13.5mT Min, 13.5mT Max, 25mA, Bipolar, Plastic/epoxy, Rectangular, 3 Pin, Through Hole Mount, ROHS COMPLIANT, PACKAGE-4

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FLHTC0311-22-3CS3131 TE Connectivity Ltd Interstate Connecting Components - -
FLHTC0311-22-3CS3131 TE Connectivity Ltd Avnet 0 $0.17 $0.11
FLHTC0311-22-3CS3131 TE Connectivity Ltd Heilind Electronics - -
FLHTC0311-22-3CS3131 TE Connectivity Ltd Sager - -
FS 4.5-0.5/18.25/S3131 TURCK Inc Allied Electronics & Automation 0 $16.26 $15.45
JW-05-04-T-S-313-120 Samtec Inc Samtec 11 $0.81 $0.44
JW-05-04-T-S-313-170 Samtec Inc Samtec 11 $0.81 $0.44
MFS 3131-0 TURCK Inc Allied Electronics & Automation 38 $20.88 $19.84
MS313-100K-5% Caddock Electronics Inc Allied Electronics & Automation 0 $50.72 $50.72
OHS3131U TT Electronics OPTEK Technology Chip1Stop 84 $2.83 $2.29
OHS3131U TT Electronics OPTEK Technology Sager 0 $2.37 $2.11
OHS3131U TT Electronics OPTEK Technology Allied Electronics & Automation 0 $2.17 $2.17
OSB5SS3131A OptoSupply Limited TME Electronic Components 1,585 $0.15 $0.10
OSG3DS3131A OptoSupply Limited TME Electronic Components 117 $0.25 $0.12
OSG5DS3131A OptoSupply Limited TME Electronic Components 999 $0.27 $0.11
OSO5RS3131A OptoSupply Limited TME Electronic Components 760 $0.25 $0.09
OSR5MS3131A OptoSupply Limited TME Electronic Components 421 $0.27 $0.12
RS313-14 dailywell ComS.I.T. - -
SA36-S3131 OMRON Scientific Technologies Inc Allied Electronics & Automation 0 $60.84 $54.34
SF-CHS-313110-PC European Thermodynamics Limited element14 Asia-Pacific 81 $2.30 $1.88
SF-CHS-313110-PC European Thermodynamics Limited Farnell element14 81 £1.66 £1.12
TSA-1.25A(CROSS: 3131.25) OptiFuse Bristol Electronics - -
TSA-100MA(CROSS: 313.100) OptiFuse Bristol Electronics - -
TSA-125MA(CROSS: 313.125) OptiFuse Bristol Electronics - -
ZW-02-09-S-S-313-168 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $0.27 $0.21
ZW-02-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Samtec 429 $0.23 $0.12
ZW-02-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $0.27 $0.21
ZW-02-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Newark element14 100 $0.70 $0.31
ZW-02-10-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Samtec 429 $0.24 $0.13
ZW-02-10-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $0.29 $0.23
ZW-02-10-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Newark element14 100 $0.74 $0.33
ZW-03-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Newark element14 100 $1.05 $0.47
ZW-03-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Samtec 310 $0.34 $0.19
ZW-03-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $0.41 $0.32
ZW-03-10-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Newark element14 100 $1.12 $0.50
ZW-03-10-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $0.44 $0.34
ZW-03-10-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Samtec 310 $0.36 $0.20
ZW-04-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $0.55 $0.43
ZW-04-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Newark element14 100 $1.22 $0.53
ZW-04-09-S-S-313-188 Samtec Inc Samtec 247 $0.45 $0.25
ZW-40-08-T-S-313-114 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $1.99 $1.29
ZW-40-08-T-S-313-118 Samtec Inc Avnet 0 $1.99 $1.29

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transistor IC BT 134

Text: Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer PMBT5551 ■bt> S3131 DDESfifla 7T7 «APX I I N AHER PHILIPS

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PDF PMBT5551 transistor IC BT 134 PMBT5551 sot23 a60
Not Available

Text: < 25 °C . ^S e p te m b e r 1988 177 I N AflER PHILIPS/DISCRETE ESE D m hfe, S3131

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PDF bbS3T31 D01flbT3 BUP23B BUP23C BUP22B BUP23Cresp; BUP23B; BUP23C.

Text: Manufacturer DfT « • ■kfc, S3131 00242Sfl iti ■APX Philips Semiconductors Product specification -N A

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PDF bbS3T31 BAL99 S3131 00242Sfl BAW62 BAL99 BAW62 PH BAW62 sot23 Philips MBB philips diode PH 15 BAW62 D0242 ir 222 LF MARKING CODE
Not Available

Text: ) April 1992 141 '■bt, S3131 005M3S7 T c T f, BAS32L N AMER PHILIPS/DISCRETE

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PDF D0242S4 BAS32L BAS32L OD-80C 100X1

Text: August 1991 577 t.t, S3131 0034731 71' BDT65; 65A BDT65B; 65C r i i_ Fig. 2 Circuit diagram. R1

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PDF BDT65; BDT65B; O-220 BDT64; BDT64A; BDT64B BDT64C. BDT65 T0-220. 7z82329 IOM10 BDT64 BDT64A BDT64C BDT65B MSA-06 TRANSISTORE

Text: ) 102 tp (ms) 103 August 1975 169 tt, S3131 00343S2 5ET This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective

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PDF BD330 OT-32 BD329. O-126 OT-32) b0330 BD330 Transistors BD330 A03435 BD329 BD329/BD330 transistor BD330

Text: – fc,t, S3131 □D3Dfl22 73fl «APX Philips Semiconductors Product Specification PowerMOS transistor

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PDF BUK556-60A T0220AB fccj BUK556-60A

Text: Its Respective Manufacturer 47 Philips Semiconductors H bt] S3131 003532b bS3 HAPX Product

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transistor bo 244

Text: /DISCRETE 5SE T> m bfe, S3131 0020Mb? S ■PowerMOS transistor BUK454-450B j-39-n REVERSE DIODE RATINGS

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PDF BUK454-450B T0220AB; transistor bo 244 BUK454-450B T0220AB

Text: » ■L,fc, S3131 003DRDfl 241 HAPX Philips Semiconductors _Product Specification Insulated Gate

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PDF bbS3T31 BUK856-400IZ T0220AB CL-8A DD30 ignition coil IGBT
diode 0317

Text: N AMER PHILIPS/DISCRETE BYT28 SERIES 25E D m bfc, S3131 002S47M 1 ■T-03-17 RATINGS Limiting

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PDF T-OS-17 T-03-17 m2005 M2006 m2009 diode 0317 BYT28 diode byt 45
Not Available

Text: CAPACITORS CLASS I GENERAL INFORMATION Ceramic capacitors Class I (NPO) meet. N F C S3131 Standard Les , norm e N F C 83131 couvrent le dom aine des F C S3131 specifications apply to fixed ceramic dielectric

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Text: – bt, S3131 DDSHTbS Tbb MAPX Pnmps Semiconductors Product specification ~ N AHER PHILIPS/DISCRETE b?E

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PDF BFG198 OT223 MS8002 OT223. NT 407 F TRANSISTOR Philips CD 303 MS8002 BFG198 2222 595 npn 2222 transistor 2222 867 TRANSISTOR D 471 C4090 L7E transistor
Not Available

Text: and from the D S3131. The DS3131 is capable of operating in a number of modes and can be used in many , channels get top priority access to the PCI Bus when it is granted to the D S3131. W hen the DMA transfers , architecture, the user must balance the port, throughput, and HDLC channel restrictions of the D S3131. Table 1D lists all of the upper bound maximum restrictions on the D S3131. DS3131 Restrictions Table 1D , proper state. Figure 1C lists the ordered steps to initialize the D S3131. Note: After device power up

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PDF DS3131 DS3131 DS3131.

Text: Input Minus TWO-YEAR WARRANTY 144 COMPUTER PRDTS-, POWER TT DE | S3131D3 □□□□411 b f I 3 IO

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PDF 23131G3 an36-72 WR48S15/2000U WR12S12/1250XC WR48S05/3000MP
NFC15-48S05 Computer Products

Text: 617-464-6600 • Fax 617-464-6612 COHPUTER PRDTS/ POUER 52E J ■S313103 DDGOLES i|Tl * C P R

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PDF NFC15 20VDC 72VDC. NFC1S-48S1S NFC15-48D12 NFC15-48D15 NFC15-48S05 Computer Products nfc15 48S05 computer products
2002 - Not Available

Text: Latching N=Nonlatching L=Latching Window S3=1310nm S5=1550nm D=Dual Input Output Fiber Type

PDF 1310nm 1550nm 250micron

Text: POUER Ti DT| S3131G3 DDQGMGT fl 15 Watt " DC/DC Converters COMPUTER PRODUCTS STEUEns-RnnaLO inc. y

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PDF 23131D3 15-watt LPS48D15 LPS48S05 LPS48S05/3000J 4621311 LPS48D12 LPS48D15/500J 10-15V 672D sprague 672D

Text: watts. TWO-YEAR WARRANTY 158 3821 G—08 COMPUTER PRDTS/ POWER ]> D ■S3131D3 0G004ES b ■100

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PDF 0D00M5M WS24D05-12 GA-08 WS24T05-15 WS24T05-15/100K WS48T05-15

Text: COMPUTER PRDTS/ POWER E4E D ■S3131G3 QDGGM?^ 7 ■_rrs7- r power canuERSian i FW SERIES WIDE INPUT DC/DC CONVERTERS INTRODUCTION The FW series are 7.5 watt, high efficiency DC/DC converters that accept input voltages ranging from 36VDC to 72VDC. They provide full output power without derating up to 50°C without the need for additional heatsinking. The isolated floating output can be , / POWER E4E D S3131D3 GDGOMfiG 3 ■T - £ f / OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Model Number Output Voltage

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PDF S3131G3 36VDC 72VDC. fw48s05/1500z fw48s12/625z fw48d12/315z fw48d15/250z BOS03905-11 063a 0315a a3131 computer prdts FW48S05

Text: Qzjz (See note 2 for DC biased current condition) PAGE 216 ■S3131D3 OOOimb 444 This Material

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PDF SWG75 E313103 AC GENERATOR dc-ac inverter sine wave 60w H313

Text: .) PAGE 176 ■S3131D3 00010S6 h3Q m This Material Copyrighted By Its Respective Manufacturer DC/DC

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PDF MIL-HDBK-217F) ETS300-132-2 BXB50 VDE0805/EN60950/IEC950 UL1950 E136005 LR41062C 254mm) CISPR22 VDE0805

Text: COMPUTER PRDTSn POWER S DE| S3131Q3 0000353 b OS PACKAGED PM565 . . ouipur ■. J.15V 2O0MA INPUT •• . 115 VAC . V 50-130 Hz * . i . 115 MA - AC «L swm . ntittikn rnnuuLts aiuisnm PM500 SERIES Dual and Triple Output ■Split-Bobbin Wound ■2500 VAC Isolation ■UL Recognized ■CSA Certified ■115, 100, 220 or 240 VAC Input ■Short Circuit Protection These popular PC-mountable linear power modules feature dual and triple outputs with 16 different dual models and 6 different

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PDF S3131Q3 PM565 PM500 PM513 PM565 PM505 pm592 PM531 PM514 PM-565 PM511 PM501

Text: No file text available

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PDF P462-ND LNG295LFCP2U P463-ND LNG395MFTP5U P468-ND LNG995PF8W AT-DE071) RSQ035P03 lm3240 EMP11 smd transistor 6c5 2SC4691 HTRM800 aktive elektronische bauelemente ddr BAS70WT inverter ABB ACS 300

Text: Unlimited Note: (1) Heat sink leads during hand soldering. Description The OH N3131U and O H S3131U

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PDF OHN3131U OHN3131U, OHS3131U 3131U 3131U
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