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S19207TC323 Molex Avnet - -
S19207TC323 Woodhead Molex Allied Electronics & Automation 0 $8.14 $8.14
S19207TC421 Molex Avnet 0 $8.39 $6.09
S19207TC421 Molex Chip1Stop 30 $7.26 $7.26
S19207TC422 Molex Avnet - -
S19207TC422 Woodhead Molex Allied Electronics & Automation 268 $8.03 $8.03
S19207TC422 Molex Chip1Stop 27 $7.26 $7.26
S19207TC422 Woodhead Molex Master Electronics 268 $6.70 $5.51
S19207TC4L1 Molex Avnet - -
S19207TC4L1 Woodhead Molex Master Electronics 290 $4.32 $3.41

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S19207PBI Applied Micro Circuits Transmission/Switching, OC-192/4xOC-48 SONET/SDH Framer and Channelized POS/ATM Mapper Original PDF

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2004 - VC4-16c

Text: MyAMCC - Product Summary Home MyAMCC Contact Us Site Map Help Knowledge Center Columbia 4x48 ( S19207 ) Search OC-192/4xOC-48 SONET/SDH Framer and Channelized POS/ATM Mapper View All Products Search Products Search Documents Search for: Go Related Docs* There are no related documents at this time. * Additional related documentation is available to approved , Columbia 4x48 ( S19207 ) is a low-power 10Gb/s framer and mapper optimized for 4xOC-48 Packet Over SONET

PDF S19207) OC-192/4xOC-48 10Gb/s 4xOC-48 OC-48 16-bit, 16-bit VC4-16c S3485 4X48 10GBASE-R 10GBASE-W S3091 S3092 S3097 S3098
2002 - 148-pin

Text: /Mapper S19225 S19223 S19205 S19204 S19203 S19202 S19201 S1208 S19207 Features Silicon

PDF S3092 OC-192 S3092 OC-192/STM-64 20and 20Settings/tamerz/Deskto. 148-pin S19225 s19203 S19204 S19205 S3091 S3097 S3098
2000 - BSY804P-FBP-05

Text: No file text available

PDF AMUK-05 BSY804P-FBP-05 BTY803P-FBC BSY801P-FBB BTY801P-FBB BTY805P-FBP-05 BTY603P-FBA K02301E80M100 E152N20011 BTY403P-FBC 504000P03M100

Text: /a C19207N62 S19207TC422 n/a Form A (18mm) 2 pole + earth Form B Ind (11mm) 2 pole +

PDF 803006E03M020 803006E03M050 803006E03M100 804006E03M020 804006E03M050 804006E03M100 805006E03M020 805006E03M050 805006E03M100 803006P03M020 S18209TC421 C18209N21 S18211TC421 E152N20011 C12209N21 S02209TC421 S05207TC422 C19207N62 DIN 43650 form a S02207TC421
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