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Abstract: RS58Y rs68y rs64y RS58 RS69Y geka RS63Y RS68 geka sovcor 42
Text: UNE SO CIÉTÉ DE SOVCOR GEKA METAL FILM Precision to UTE 83230 RS.P/Y/K Features · · · · · · excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics high stability moisture proof coating suitable for automatic insertion qualified to UTE 83230 and CECC 40101 all values available within the range Style-G EKA Style Style standard P at 70°C Limit. Voltage V- TC p p m /X Tolerance % 0,1 RS58P RS58 RS58Y RS58K 0,125 200 50 100 0,5 0,5 0,1 RS64P RS64 RS64Y RS64K 0,25 250 50 100 0,5 0,5 0,1

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PDF RS58P RS58Y RS58K RS64P RS64Y RS64K RS63P RS63Y RE63K RS69P rs68y RS58 RS69Y geka RS63Y RS68 geka sovcor 42
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