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Abstract: BIMX192 VSC9116 STM-64 STM-16 stm-64 controller
Text: RSPVALID1 RSPCLK1 LOF LOS LOPC VSC9116 Block Diagram Internal Section Generation RISOP48

PDF VSC9116 STS-192/STM-64 VSC9116 STS-48/STM-16 16-bit, STS-192 BIMX192 STM-64 STM-16 stm-64 controller

Abstract: AE08 AH-02 ag08 a-k05 al08 10 PIN
Text: Termination RSOP192 Line Termination RLOP192 Byte Interleaving BIDX192 Internal Section Generation RISOP48 x4 , Internal Section Overhead Processor ( RISOP48 ) For inter-system embedded communication and enhanced , to filter one of the unused overhead bytes for extraction of channel ID (see RISOP48 ). Transmit

PDF VSC9116 STS-192/ STM-64 STS-48/STM-16 STS-192/STM-64 G52287-0, AK07 AE08 AH-02 ag08 a-k05 al08 10 PIN
STM-16 book

Abstract: BIMX192 STS-192 TSOP192 VSC9116
Text: RISOP48 Drop Channel Sync Control TDCSC Frame Phase Alignment TFPA48 TDIF192 RDIF192 , 128 RLOP192 4x 32 RISOP48 BIDX192 x4 4x RDIF192 RLIF192 ROAP192 CPU RISP

PDF G56047-0, STS-192/STM-64 VSC9116. STM-16 book BIMX192 STS-192 TSOP192 VSC9116
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