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STELLARIS-3P-ROWEB-EMFS-FS Texas Instruments Embedded File System
SPRC097 Texas Instruments C281x C/C++ Header Files and Peripheral Examples
C398 Coilcraft Inc Designer's Kit, PoE300 transformers, RoHS
SK336 Coilcraft Inc Super Kit, 1008LS chip inductors, RoHS
SK397 Coilcraft Inc Super Kit, 0402AF chip inductors, RoHS
SK318 Coilcraft Inc Super Kit, Midi Springs, RoHS

RG1608NW-KIT-FILE datasheet (1)

Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Type PDF
RG1608NW-KIT-FILE RG1608NW-KIT-FILE ECAD Model Susumu Kits - Resistor Kits - RES KIT 47-270K 1/10W 3640PCS Original PDF
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