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Abstract: RDOP001 RDOP100 O M 335 SensorTechnics 250mbar RDOH010 RDOP005 RDOP015
Text: RDOB005.P RDOP001.P RDOP005.P RDOP015.P RDOP030.P RDOP100.P 0.50 mbar 0.100 mbar , RDOM250.H RDOB001.H RDOB002.H RDOB005.H RDOH005.H RDOH010.H RDOP001.H RDOP005.H , linearity and hysteresis for the RDOM250.P is 0.35 %FSO and for the RDOP005.P is 0.5 %FSO. 4. Maximum , RDOH010D4H 1 p si RDOP001G2(P,H) 5 p si RDOP001D4(P,H) RDOP005G2 (P,H) RDOP005D4 (P,H) 1 5

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