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Abstract: 3T24N IR3T24N IR3T26 1R3T24 sharp ir receiver
Text: Remote Control Receiver Pre-Amp IR3T24/IR3T24N/IR3T26/IR3T26N IR3T24/ iR3T24N/IR3T26/ 1R3T26 N Remote Control Receiver Pre-Amp Description Pin Connections (IR3T24/IR3T24N) The IR3T24/IR3T24N/IR3T26/IR3T26N is a re ceiver preamplifier IC for the infrared remote con trol system. It consists of a head amplifier, limiter amplifier, BPF, signal waveform detection circuit, waveform shaping circuit and others. Features NC 1 ' IN 2 « O C! 3< C2 4 ! GND 5i fo 6 1. Low power consumption (8mW

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PDF IR3T24/IR3T24N/IR3T26/IR3T26N IR3T24/ iR3T24N/IR3T26/1R3T26 IR3T24/IR3T24N) IR3T24/IR3T24N/IR3T26/IR3T26N IR3T261 IR3T24 3T24N IR3T24N IR3T26 1R3T24 sharp ir receiver
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