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2009 - R2J24020F

Text: -8 Over Voltage and Over Current Detection SOP-8 LFPAK SOP-8 IC ICs for Smart Battery R2J24020F 16bit R8C CPU Feature of Smart Battery IC R2J24020F N-ch FET (AFE) Functionable Built in

PDF RJJ01F0008-0201 R2J24020F R2A20117 R2J240 R2J24020 HAT1130r R2A20114 10A triac control PWM battery Charger dimmer diagrams IGBT r2a20104 pfc pwm evaluation board R2A20114

Text: remaining detection SiP R2J24020F Performance SiP · 16-bit R8C CPU · High performance, low

PDF REJ01D0001-0400 R2J240 R2J24020F 61048fp R2J24010F R2S20020 M37512 61048FP laptop battery 3 cells diagram schematic m37512 M37512 R2J24020 r2j24010
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