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Abstract: QP803SL QP805SL OP805SL OP803SL OP802SL OP801SL OP231 OP130 K5251
Text: OPTEK Product Bulletin OP8OOSL June 1996 NPN Silicon Phototransistors Types OP8OOSL, 0P8Q1SL, QP802SL , QP803SL, OP8Q4SL, QP805SL » THIS DIMENSION CONTROLLED AT HOUSING SURFACE. DIMENSIONS ARE IN INCHES (MILLIMETERS) Features • Narrow receiving angle • Variety of sensitivity ranges • Enhanced temperature range • TO-18 hermetically sealed package • Mechanically and spectrally matched to the OP130 and OP231 series of infrared emitting diodes • TX/TXV processing available

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PDF QP802SL, QP803SL, QP805SL OP130 OP231 host00 QP802S QP803SL QP805SL OP805SL OP803SL OP802SL OP801SL K5251
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