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Abstract: MP34-070 MP35-070 Semiconductor Circuits MP35-095 MP1530 MP35-06 VAC-50 QDDG725 MP3507
Text: ~ EMERSON/ SEMICONDUCTOR SE r~| 33D31S4 QDDG725 4 | 5^ —N SEMICONDUCTOR CIRCUITS MP High Performance Triple Output Power Supplies • POWER FOR BOTH ANALOG & DIGITAL APPLICATIONS • TRI-POWER OUTPUTS TO 8 WATTS • NO DERATING UP THROUGH + 71°C General Specifications Input Voltage and Frequency 1 105 to 125 Vac-50 to 440 Hz 200 to 252 Vac-50 to 60 Hz Add Suffix I 90 to 110 Vac-50 to 60 Hz Add Suffix N 105 to 125/210 to 250 Vac Add Suffix K2 Output Voltage Tolerance ± 1 % (Fixed) Ripple

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PDF 33D31S4 QDDG725 Vac-50 MP35-095 49RANGERD. MP34-060 MP34-070 MP35-070 Semiconductor Circuits MP1530 MP35-06 MP3507
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