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PTB20134 Ericsson Components 30 Watts, 860-900 MHz Cellular Radio RF Power Transistor Original PDF
PTB 20134 Ericsson Components BJT, NPN, RF Power Transistor, IC 8A Original PDF

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1999 - SD1393

Text: June 1999 ST CROSS REFERENCE WITH ERICSSON INDUSTRY PART NUMBER PTB20003 PTB20004 PTB20005 PTB20006 PTB20007 PTB20008 PTB20011 PTB20017 PTB20030 PTB20031 PTB20081 PTB20091 PTB20095 PTB20097 PTB20111 ST REPLACEMENT PREFERENCE SD1398 SD4701 SD1423 SD1398 SD4701 SD1423 SD4010 SD4590 SD1391 SD1393 SD4100 SD1490 SD1423 SD4701 SD4575 INDUSTRY PART NUMBER PTB20134 PTB20177 PTB20195 PTB20200 PTB20219 PTF10007 PTF10015 PTF10019 PTF10020 PTF10031

PDF PTB20003 PTB20004 PTB20005 PTB20006 PTB20007 PTB20008 PTB20011 PTB20017 PTB20030 PTB20031 SD1393 sd1393 01 ST cross reference ptb20011 ptb20081 PTB20004 "Industry Part" Replacement SD4575 sd4701 sd57060

Text: ERICSSON ^ PTB20134 30 Watts, 860 - 900 MHz Cellular Radio RF Power Transistor Description The 20134 is a class AB, NPN, common emitter RF Power Transistor intended for 25 VDC operation across the 860-900 MHz frequency band. It is rated at 30 Watts minimum output power and may be used for both CW and PEP applications. Ion implantation, nitride surface passivation and gold metalization are used to en sure excellent device uniformity, ruggedness and reliability. 100% Lot Traceability is Standard. Key

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PDF PTB20134 100mA LB0A
1999 - MRF648

Text: PTB20134 ST REPLACEMENT PREFERENCE SD1477 SD1457 SD4011 SD1433 SD4011 SD1480 SD1477 SD1470

PDF 2N5944 2N5945 2N5946 2N6082 2N6084 2N6439 2SC1257 2SC1258 2SC1259 2SC1605A MRF648 TPV3100 2SC2897 macom TP3034 SD1393 TP3008 tp9383 transistor 2sC636 MRF255 equivalent
transistor 5cw

Text: BIPOLARS Brand EC EC EC EC EC EC EC EC Part Number PTB20006 PTB20005 PTB20038 PTB20134

PDF CDMA2000 2N6084 BLV102 CA5815CS D1020UK LF2810A MRF175LV MSC75652 PH1600-7 SD1466 transistor 5cw transistor 5cw 61 sd1466 transistor 6cw TRANSISTOR REPLACEMENT GUIDE 6CW transistor transistor selection guide MS3016 PH1516-2 STM1645-10
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