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Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Datasheet Download Buy Part
DRA776PPIGACDQ1 DRA776PPIGACDQ1 ECAD Model Texas Instruments High performance multi-core SoCs with extended peripherals and ISP for digital cockpit applications 784-FCBGA -40 to 125
OPA4277HFR/EM OPA4277HFR/EM ECAD Model Texas Instruments High-precision operational amplifier 14-CFP 25 to 25
DRA756PPIGABZQ1 DRA756PPIGABZQ1 ECAD Model Texas Instruments Multi-core SoC processors with ISP and pin-compatible with DRA75x SoCs for infotainment applications 760-FCBGA -40 to 125
TPS563240DDCT TPS563240DDCT ECAD Model Texas Instruments 17-V, 3-A, 1.4-MHz synchronous step-down voltage regulator 6-SOT-23-THIN -40 to 125
TPS65987EVM TPS65987EVM ECAD Model Texas Instruments TPS65987 Single port USB Type-C and power delivery (PD) controller evaluation module
INA180A2QDBVRQ1 INA180A2QDBVRQ1 ECAD Model Texas Instruments Automotive, 26V current sense amplifier for cost-sensitive systems 5-SOT-23 -40 to 125

PDI1394P25BD-S datasheet (1)

Part ECAD Model Manufacturer Description Type PDF
PDI1394P25BD-S PDI1394P25BD-S ECAD Model Philips Semiconductors Interface - Specialized, Integrated Circuits (ICs), IC IEEE 1394 LINK CTRLR 64LQFP Original PDF
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