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Text: IPA1751 Encapsulated for Protection Phase Shift <5° Phase Match >1° Load Capacity 10,000pF OSC1754 Isolated Output Multi-Tapped Quadrature Reference Output APPLICATIONS The IPA1751 and OSC1754 when used , Inductosyn to digital converter is remote from the measuring Inductosyn. OSC1754 The OSC1754 provides the , 10kHz operating 0 to + 70°C. Model OSC1754 /500 is a power oscillator at 10kHz operating 0 to +70°C. , (-55°C to + 125°C) with performance similar to the IPA1751 and OSC1754 described in this data sheet. U.S

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PDF IPA1751 IPA1751 000pF OSC1754 IRDCH730 250mA inductosyn inductosyn absolute inductosyn farrand ipa1764 10v 10KHz resolver 10v 10KHz synchro IRDC1730 IRDC1731

Text: ) Package for 4YO and 4YO/B Options (Metal) OTHER PRODUCTS IRDC1732- IPA1751- OSC1754- OSC1758

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PDF 32-Pin 170rps IRDC1732- IPA1751- OSC1754- OSC1758- IPA1764- MCI1794- 400Hz 1S60-560 1S20-560 ipa1764 inductosyn inductosyn farrand encoder inductosyn absolute inductosyn farrand closed loop inspection system edge detector robot circuit diagram x50 x60

Text: Axis Use o f IR D C 1 7 3 3 with Inductosyn Pre-Amplifier IPA 1751 and Power Oscillator OSC1754

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PDF 12-Bit, 12-Bit 400Hz, 10kHz) c1730 400hz sine oscillator Linear inductosyn inductosyn IRDC1731 Dtm 1716 schematic RESOLVER IRDC1730 API1620 resolver 90
UTM ceramic RESISTOR 212-3

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