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2015 - br 123 s

Abstract: BAS54A BR3005 MS15N50 sod-23 BAS54C
 Bruckewell Technology Corp., Ltd. Your Best Partner Discrete Semiconductor Product Catalogue 2015 version Diode/ Rectifier MOSFET TVS/ ESD Protector Comp pany Profile P e Bru uckewell te echnology c corp. registe ered in Dela aware, USA and total capital is 3m A c million , / SO OD123FL /ST ne Pack ew kage The SOD123FL and SOD123ST package is des e signed to: Fit , represented in this catalog, harmless against all damages. © 2015 Bruckewell Technology Corp. All Rights

PDF O-252 O-277A O-277B MA/DO-214AC DO-214A MC/DO-214AB br 123 s BAS54A BR3005 MS15N50 sod-23 BAS54C
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