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NTE2683 NTE Electronics Inc Newark element14 338 $8.56 $8.56
NTE2683 NTE Electronics Inc Allied Electronics & Automation - $8.56 $8.56
NTE2683 NTE Electronics Inc TME Electronic Components 10 $10.10 $8.00

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2013 - Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: NTE2682 (NPN) & NTE2683 (PNP) Silicon Complementary Darlington Transistors Audio Power Output TO3PL Type Package Features: D High Forward Current Transfer Ratio, hFE D Low Collector−Emitter Saturation Voltage, VCE(sat) D Optimum for 120W HiFi Output Applications Absolute Maximum Ratings: (TC = , ˆ’ 6.0 − 5s − 1.5 − 5s − 1.2 − 5s NTE2683 Storage Time NTE2682 tstg NTE2683 Fall Time tf NTE2682 NTE2683 C C B B E E .197 (5.0

PDF NTE2682 NTE2683 30MHz
2014 - NTE7232

Abstract: NTE2682 NTE2684 NTE7239 pdf/ES-F8DB-14A464-A
Text: €3PL Case. Complement to NTE2683 NTE2683 Transistor

PDF NTE573â 201ADÂ com/specs/500to599/pdf/nte573â NTE639 214AAÂ NTE7232 NTE2682 NTE2684 NTE7239 pdf/ES-F8DB-14A464-A
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