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2000 - audio noise reduction

Abstract: dolby NTE2004
Text: NTE2004 Integrated Circuit [ Noise Reduction Circuit Dolby Description: The NTE2004 is a monolithic audio noise reduction circuit in a 16­Lead DIP type package designed for use in Dolby B­Type noise reduction systems. This device is used to reduce the level of background noise introduced during recording and playback of audio signals on magnetic tape and to improve the noise level in FM broadcast reception. Features: D Accurate Record Mode Frequency Response D Excellent Frequency Response Tracking

PDF NTE2004 NTE2004 audio noise reduction dolby

Abstract: NTE2001
Text: | Amp A Output I NTE2004 16-Lead DIP, See Diag. 249 Dolby® Noise Reduction System, VCC= 24V V

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