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NMS7041 NeoMagic System-on-Chip For 3D Handheld Internet Appliances Original PDF

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MIP 320 f

Text: PRODUCT BRIEF MiMagic TM NMS7041 System-on-Chip For 3D Handheld Internet Appliances DE S C R IP T IO N MiMagic is NeoMagic's family of highly integrated System-on-Chip TM TM MiMagic solutions, enabling a new generation of handheld Internet appliances with the lowest power, smallest form-factor, and best multimedia features. The heart of the MiMagic NMS7041 SOC incorporates a , efficient 3D multimedia processing. NMS7041 TM S Y S T E M-L E V E L S P E C IF IC A T IO N · ·

PDF NMS7041 32-Bit 128-bit 256-bit 318MHz 32KHz RGB565 128-Bit MIP 320 f MIP 320 NeoMagic 256-bit 3D and 2D graphics accelerator embedded dram control MIP 232 3D LCD controller RGB565 texture mapping
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