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Abstract: MX93011 MX93011A X321 mxic dsp instruction set
Text: Power VDD 89 x2 32.256MHz crystal output GND Power ground NOTE FLLENVpin 54. 7 IWKIC MX93Q11A 4.0 , MX93Q11A 5.0 REGISTERS SUMMARY NAME BIT CTLR IO ADDRESS RELATED INSTRUCTIONS DESCRIPTIONS optr 16 0 0 IN , X RO WO 13 IWKIC MX93Q11A 6.0 REGISTER DESCRIPTION IO REGISTERS 6.1 OPTR : Output Register , MX93Q11A 6.9 MMACR : MASS MEMORY ACCESS CONTROL REGISTER (MAPPED TO IO REGISTER 9) E D ■IRA (Internal , MX93Q11A Mnemonic and Description Words & cycles 16-bit opcode MSB LSB bs branch immediate if

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PDF MX9301 MX93011 MX93011A 16-bit, ap93011A MX93Q11A 100-PIN 768KHZ MX93011A X321 mxic dsp instruction set
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