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Abstract: MXIc MX28F4100 Q0-Q15
Text: Wl^™ MX28F41OO MACRONIX, INC._^ * 4M-BIT (51 SK x 8) CMOS FLASH MEMORY FEATURES • 524,288x8/262,144x16 switchable • Fast access time: 120/150/200ns • Low power consumption - 50mA maximum active current - lOOnAmaximum standby current • Programming and erasing voltage 12V ± 5% • Command register architecture - Byte/Word Programming (50fis typical) - Chip Erase (1 sec typical) - Auto chip erase 30 sec typical (including preprogramming time) - Block Erase (16384 bytes by 32 blocks

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PDF MX28F41OO 288x8/262 144x16 120/150/200ns 50fis 100mA techno94 Q15/A-1 Q13ZZ MX28F4100 PM-0254 MXIc Q0-Q15
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