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MSM9141S Mosel Vitelic IVR Duplication Gang Writer Original PDF

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27010 eprom

Abstract: eprom 27010 MSM9141S MSSI121 MSSI241
Text: MSM9141S MOSEL VITELIC INC. R May 1996 IVR Duplication Gang Writer Features To duplicate either MSSI241 or MSSI121, depends on content of EPROM inserted. To duplicate 8 SI121 chips at a time, 60 seconds once. To duplicate 8 SI241 chips at a time, 120 seconds once. Two 32-L textools to store two 27010 EPROM with data and pertinent information inside. Eight 14-L textools to store 8 IVR chips. Support both types : (1) COB by appropriate clasper jig made by customer, (2) PDIP. 3

PDF MSM9141S MSSI241 MSSI121, SI121 SI241 27010 eprom eprom 27010 MSM9141S MSSI121

Abstract: SI121 2388 MSM9141S MSSI121 MSSI241 8-52266-5
Text: LED display or STOP pulse on LED/STP pin. SI121 can be programmed by MSM9159, MSM9156, MSM9141S

PDF MSSI121 SI121 LSI241. MSM9140 2388 MSM9141S MSSI121 MSSI241 8-52266-5
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