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PMP6912 PMP6912 ECAD Model Texas Instruments 36Vdc-72Vdc Input, 1.2V/25A Active Clamp Forward

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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: maximum data-throughput rate of the MP6912. One o f them, mentioned earlier, is to SAMPLE-HOLD , f an MP6912. F ig u re 1 0 * < y é 9 / Z - 12 Fiifure I t . ANALOGIC CORP b5 , wïSS «< & ««« MP6912 SUBMINIATURE HIGH-SPEED DATA-ACQUlSiTION SYSTEM MODULE / U S i , CORP L.H D E | □filb'îîG □ DDDTi’ ü < T The Analogic MP6912 is the smallest , mounted on two* sided pc board w ithout shorting etch. ~.:4 Photo o f MP6912 interior w ith

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PDF MP6912 MP6912 12-bit MP6932-2, MP6932-3, 32channels MN4708 16-pin, N4708 250ns,

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: o d u l e a n d .d riv e s a similar designated in p u t On t h e M P6812/ MP6912. v. ' M U X E N , address register/counter located In th e M P6812 o r MP6912. The tw o MSB’s o f the multiplexer address , acquisition systems are exactly th e same as the corresponding procedures fo r the M P6812 and MP6912. These , Subsystems MP6812 & MP6912 ANA LO G 1 B C ® Please make the following changes in Bulletin No , Subminiature Data-Äcquisition Subsystems MP6812 & MP6912 A N A L O G IC ,! .The Digitizers , ( A f

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PDF MP6848 MP6812 MP6912 MP6812
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