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MR 4010

Abstract: cd 4010 MC14015B MN4000B T-46 MC14015
Text: PANASONIC INDL/ELEK -CIO bb I . CMOS Logic MN4000B Series J>EU ^32052 6932852 PANASONIC INDL»ELECTRONIC MN4015BMN4015BS Dual 4- Stage Static Shift Registers ■Description The MN4015B/S axe dual 4-bit static shift registers. Each register of D type flip-flop has a common reset input and can be cleared asynchronously, and triggered on the positive going edge of the clock. A High on the reset input clears all registers and forces the outputs (O0 ~ O3) Low, independent of the

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PDF MN4000B MN4015BMN4015BS MN4015B/S MC14015B RCACD4015B. DD04T4S MN4015B/MN4015BS MR 4010 cd 4010 T-46 MC14015
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