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DFM-N-12-20-B-P-A-GF Festo Allied Electronics & Automation 0 $277.02 $277.02
MN1220 Panasonic Electronic Components Chip One Exchange - -
MN1220 Panasonic Electronic Components Chip One Exchange - -
SZ-GM/N1-220 Fuji Electric Co Ltd Master Electronics 1 $23.21 $17.00

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Part Manufacturer Description Type PDF
MN1220 Panasonic 1,024-Bit NMOS Nonvolatile Electrically Alterable ROM Original PDF
MN1220 Others Shortform IC and Component Datasheets (Plus Cross Reference Data) Scan PDF

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Text: ^tu _ 72C 06250 . D MN1220 1,024 \Z -y h MN-OS gJ^&fSfè EAROM 1,024-Bit MNOS Type Nonvolatile Electrically Alterable ROM MN1220 lì, 1, 024 £ ■■/ V «oWMt/ i 'J I' 7 > >' X ? Ì: Lfz , -5?-^ MN1220 is a nonvolatile memory organized as 64 words by 16 , ,ELECTRONIC 72C 06253 MN1220 c3 c2 OUT- -VV. 05 f-iffli^-f ¡¡ffi^l&^/Pin Names Pin No. Symbol , . t^XwSlifcfi'ûJtëiz * •) it. MN1220 i 'J

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PDF MN1220 024-Bit MN1220 TIL122 mn 1220 panasonic i TI121 Y79A MN12201 MN1400 OT201

Text: MN1219 MN1219S MN1220 MN12201 MN1220S MN1220T MN1220Z MN1221 MN1222C MN12231C MN1223C MN1224 MN1224S

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PDF MN115P MN116P MN1201A MN1201M MN1201S MN1202M MN1204A MN1204B MN1204E MN1204F an6512n mn1225 MN1280 mn6520 MN6130 MN6147C MN12C201D MN12C261D MN3107

Text: MN1219S MN1219V MN1220 MN12201 MN1220G MN1220S MN1220T MN1220Z MN1221 MN1222C MN12231C MN1223C MN1224

PDF MN1001 MN1020215 MN1020407 MN1020415 MN1020715 MN102LF53G MN1040 MN110 MN1101 MN115 ON3105 2sd2603 mn4117405 2sc901b mn6520 MN1280 mn1225 MN6147C GN2013 2SC5573

Text: 63 63 63 36 63 63 63 M N 12 19 S M N 1220 MN12201 M N 1224 M N 1225 M N 1226 M N12261 M N 1228 M N

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PDF 1020G N12861 N12B62 MN1381 MN13811 MN13821 15P0802 15P5402 58851A 70803A 3866S transistor a999 bs 7818 -1995 transistor tt 2206 A999 transistor TT 2206 transistor a1535A 8340UAS transistor 3866S 2SD 4515

Text: MN12C20 MN12201 M N12C201D M N12C201DS MN1226 CMOSMNOS With 6-bit latch CMOSMNOS With 6-bit latch Pch

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PDF MN1234 MN1212A MN1218A MN1224 DIP008-P-0300A 6-P-0300A DIP018-P-0300C DIP016-P-0300A 8-P-0300C MN1226 MN12C261 MN1231 mn1225 MN12C25D MN1224 MN12201 N12C25D N12C261D

Text: O S Memories Type No. M N 1212A M N 1218A M N 1219 M N 1219S M N 1220 M N 12C 20 MN12201 M

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PDF MN115P 1204B 1215P MN1221 1227B 1237/A 1277B MN1281 MN12811 MN12821 D836A k1606 K 1833 B948A D856A N6015 K379 K753 b941a K749A
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