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MCL2631 General Instrument 7 V, 10 MBit/s dual very high-speed logic gate optocoupler Scan PDF

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Abstract: C1598 HCPL-2630 HCPL-2631 MCL2630 MCL2631 MCL POS-100
Text: I .30901.28 GENL INSJR, OPTOELEK GENL INSTR-. OPTOELEK 88D 02929 V\T./J/ Or- aaDElaa^oiaa oods^e11] a ^^Sdualvery high-speedm MOGIO GATE OPTOCOUPLERSl MCL2630 (HCPL-2630) DUAL 10 MBit/s LOGIC GATE MCL2631 (HCPL-2631) PACKAGE DIMENSIONS aft db <1 9.14 (.360) 7.62 1.78 (.070) REF T7 (.300) - , ).7.0 V Collector output power dissipation.60 mW 97 I Ü/8CL263Ö ÌHGPL-263DÌ mCL2631 (HCPL , , tpLH< 'r and fr 99 _MCL2630 (HCPL-2630) MCL2631 (HCPL-2631 ) GENL INSTR-, OPTOELEK \ :flfl DE I

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PDF MCL2630 HCPL-2630) MCL2631 HCPL-2631) 95C195) MCL/ttCPL-2630 MCL/HCPL-2631 HCPL-Z631 C1598 HCPL-2630 HCPL-2631 MCL2630 MCL2631 MCL POS-100
A 2631 line receiver

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: I 88D 02929 n r / / / . Par (3UALITY TECHNOLO GIE S CORP '` v'/ÎK?' 74bbfiSl D 2 T 5 T T » G E N E R A L I IN S T R U M E N T MCL2630 (HCPL-2630) DUAL 10 M Bit/s LOGIC GATE MCL2631 (HCPL-2631) PACKAGE DIMENSIONS DESCRIPTION The M CL/hiCPL-2630 and M CL/HCPL-2631 dual channel optocouplers have two channels, each consisting of a 700 nm GaAsP LED, optically coupled to a very high speed integrated photodetector logic gate. The outputs feature open collectors, thereby permitting wired-OR outputs

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PDF 74bbfiSl MCL2630 HCPL-2630) MCL2631 HCPL-2631) CL/hiCPL-2630 CL/HCPL-2631 A 2631 line receiver

Abstract: A5 GNE mosfet Hall sensor 44e 402 TRIAC BCR 10km FEB3T 2N8491 smd transistor marking 352a FTG 1087 S sharp EIA 577 sharp color tv schematic diagram MP-130 M mh-ce 10268
Text: No file text available

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