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Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: I T T U l l l ^ ' MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A CMOS PLL FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER CMOS PLL FREQUENCY SYNTHESIZER WITH POWER SAVING FUNCTION The Fujitsu MB87093A , The MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A have different divide ratios of R-dividers and N-dividers from each , VIEW) VssIZ FUJMS197 Part No. MB87093A MB87095A M B87096A v dd Divide ratio R 64 64 , maximum rated voltages to this high impedance circuit. Copyright© 1990 by FUJITSU LIMITED MB87093A

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PDF MB87093A/MB87095A/MB87096A 10-bit -08010-01-92-D 0256C
Not Available

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: cP Sept. 1995 Edition 1.0a DATA SHEET = - FUJI' / MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A , MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A are CMOS Phase Locked Loop (PLL) frequency synthesizers, and are suitable for , constants of low-pass filters (LPF). The MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A have different divide ratios of , ) Divide ration of N-divider Part No. Divide ratio R Divide ratio N MB87093A 64 725 , maximum rated voltages to this high impedance circuit. MB87093A MB87095A MB87096A BLOCK DIAGRAM

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PDF MB87093A/MB87095A/MB87096A MB87093A/MB87095A/MB87096A 10-bit 16-LEAD FPT-16P-M05) F16013S-2C 374T7 111HS

Abstract: aot 128 MB87093A MB87095A MB87096A aot 110 mb87a
Text: - 436 MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A pll H&sc if, FJiiK mrfpmmma^, y^-y^-i ■•=e—K, »fp-t— mmn.ti>oi&.mAmtiz>. -ztcmr?^— WM&tìRiw ti-r a -y i' r -/ -/B#r>s]75>¡*ií-(tá n. MB87093A /MB87095A , ) : MB87093A /87095A 6 f.y I- • + (S-JBJt : 128, HS?) : MB87Ü96A lOfy h ■(»mtt : 725, 05Ê) : MB87093A , MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A pll «•*»•>>-&-«-'ftfC-o-^) 437 - xlâtiî^tii7 ( Vcc — n-OV, GND= OV, —4ü"C ^+8b c) E # Sil £ & fr MB87093A /MB87095A/MB87096A # (È e * m m « * lee »fpt

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PDF MB87093A/MB87095A/MB87096A MB87093A/MB87095A/MB87096AC9 MB87093A/87095A MB87093A MB87095A MB87096A 3A/MB87095A/MB87096A MB87093A aot128 aot 128 aot 110 mb87a

Abstract: TRANSISTOR B0413 transistor bf 175
Text: MB87006A MB87014A MB87076 MB87086A MB87087 MB87091 MB87093A MB87094 MB87095A MB87096A 13 MHz , Frequency Fujitsu CMOS PLLs MB87091 250 MHz 200 MHz MB87014A 150 MHz MB87093A MB87095A 100 , 5-16383 8 .0 /- 2 .7 - 3 . 3 V 16-pin DIP, SOP, SSOP MB87093A -/1 4 5 725 - 64

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