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MAS9252ASM1-T Micro Analog Systems Step-Up Switching Regulator Original PDF

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2002 - USCC2

Abstract: c1237c R4604 MSOP-8 PFM light load
Text: ) DA9252.001 6 May, 2002 ORDERING INFORMATION Product Code MAS9252ASM1-T MAS9252ASM2-T MAS9252ASM3-T MAS9252ASM4-T MAS9252ASM5-T MAS9252ASM6-T MAS9252ASM7-T MAS9252ASM8-T Product Top , external resistive divider across the output ( MAS9252ASM1-6 ) or directly from output voltage ( MAS9252ASM7-8 , Ordering Information. MAS9252ASM1 to MAS9252ASM6 operate with external resistive feedback network. MAS9252ASM7 and MAS9252ASM8 are fixed output voltage, 5 V or 3.3 V, without external resistive feedback

PDF DA9252 MAS9252 MAS9252ASM4, MAS9252 USCC2 c1237c R4604 MSOP-8 PFM light load
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