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Mitsubishi Electric
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M74LS30P Mitsubishi Single 8-Input Positive NAND Gate Original PDF

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Abstract: 20-PIN
Text: DESCRIPTION The M74LS30P is a semiconductor integrated circuit containing one 8-input positive-logic NAND gate, usable as a negative-logic NOR gate. FEATURES • High breakdown input voltage (V| > 15V) • Low power dissipation (Pj = 2.4mW typical) • High speed (tpcj = 11ns typical) • Low , inputs is low, output Y is high. MITSUBISHI LSTTLs M74LS30P SINGLE 8-INPUT POSITIVE NAND GATE , 2-49 MITSUBISHI LSTTLs M74LS30P SINGLE 8-INPUT POSITIVE NAND GATE RECOMMENDED OPERATING CONDITIONS

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PDF M74LS30P 16-PIN 20-PIN

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: MITSUBISHI LSTTLs M74LS30P SINGLE 8 -IN P U T P O S ITIV E NAND GATE DESCRIPTION T h e M 7 4 L S 3 0 P is a s e m ico n d u c to r in teg rated c irc u it c on ta in in g one 8 -in p u t po sitive-logic N A N D gate, usable as a negative-logic N O R gate. PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) FEATURES · · · H igh b re a k d o w n in p u t voltage ( V | > 1 5 V ) L o w p o w e r dissipation ( P j = 2 .4 m W ty p ic a l) H igh speed ( t pcj = 11ns ty p ic a l) Vcc m ili - NC B A NC NC Y

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PDF M74LS30P 500ns; 0013Sbl 14-PIN 16-PIN 20-PIN 74LS30P
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