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Text: M51342P Linear ICs Chroma Demodulator Circuit status Nom. Supp (V)9.0 Minimum Operating Temp (øC)0 Maximum Operating Temp (øC)50 Package StyleDIP Mounting StyleT Pinout Equivalence Code18-116 # Pins18 Ckt. (Pinout) NumberLN01800116 DescriptionNTSC TV Game Demodulator American Microsemiconductor

PDF M51342P Code18-116 Pins18 NumberLN01800116

Text: display system using the M58741P, requires only 10 chips including the M51342P modulator IC, CPU, ROM and , output are generated for the M51342P NTSC TV game modulator CLK Clock input 1.79MHz. 25% duty clock

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PDF M58741P M58741P M5L8080AP M5L8080AP, M5L8085AP, M5L8085AP M51342P C TV memory ic SETUP M5L8085 colour television block diagram color tv block diagram colour tv power supply system ic colour tv circuit diagram
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