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BM4864-000 TE Connectivity (BM4864-000) CCT26-38-SN-M12
EJ3403-000 TE Connectivity (EJ3403-000) CC60-70-SN-M12-NZ
CC-80-92-SN-M12 (EF8408-000) TE Connectivity (EF8408-000) CC80-92-SN-M12
BM7012-000 TE Connectivity (BM7012-000) CC50-60-M12-CLAMP-ONLY
BM7020-000 TE Connectivity (BM7020-000) CCT26-38-PL-M12-DOUB
EH7222-000 TE Connectivity (EH7222-000) CC26-38-SN-M12-DOUB

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2013 - M12-K

Abstract: No abstract text available
Text: Compensated M12 Field Mount Thermocouple Connectors M12-FM Series U  ield Mount F U ncludes Thermocouple Pins I and Sockets U mproves Accuracy Over I Standard Connectors U  rovide Convenient Connection P to Equipment M12 Connections U  vailable as Right Angled or A Straight Connections U P67 Rated I U  aximum Connector Temperature M 85°C (185°F) M12-J-S-F-FM M12 connectors shown actual size. G The field mount M12 connectors can be attached to existing sensor or extension

PDF M12-FM M12-J-S-F-FM 24AWG M12-J-R-F-FM M12-T-R-F-FM M12-E-R-F-FM M12-K-S-F-FM M12-T-S-F-FM M12-E-S-F-FM M12-K
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