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74LVX238TTR STMicroelectronics Avnet - -
74LVX238TTR STMicroelectronics Bristol Electronics 1,180 $0.75 $0.21

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Text: LVX373, LVX573 LVX123A LVX138, LVX139, LVX238 LVX157, LVX257 " 7# sacHeajiCTiiMica 10 /=7 SGS

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PDF LCX02 LCX08 LCX32 LCX86 LCX04, LCX240, LCX244, LCX16240A, LCX16244A LCX245, LVX273 LVX123 LVX541 LVX374 LVX244 LCX04 lvx00 LCX74
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